Advertising that pays for itself

Reward followers, not social platforms, and see your media budget spent back with your brand.

Are you a consumer?

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01 Drive earned media. Advertising that pays for itself. Choose your platforms, reward mechanics, and budget.
02 Reward fans instantly. Advertising that pays for itself. Reward posts, likes or tags on any social media platform
03 Get returned spend. Advertising that pays for itself. Customers can spend their full reward directly back with your brand.
04 Advocacy eats advertising for breakfast. Advertising that pays for itself. Turn followers, into influencers, into customers

From followers, to influencer, to consumer

We believe in a world where social networks drive positivity, not negativity. Where all people are creators, and are rewarded. Where brands and their followers are fully connected. Where communication is not restricted by algorithms.

We believe in a world where billions of advertising and influence dollars do not flow into monopolies, but instead into the pockets of consumers, who then reinvest with brands.

We are reimagining how social media is used, for the better. We are brandpay, and from today, everyday, it’s payday.

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