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The next generation social currency

Quid quo pro. A favour for a favour. An endless winning loop for brands and their fans. That’s Brandpay.

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Drive earned media

Choose your platforms, reward mechanics, and budget.

Reward fans Instantly

Reward UGC per post or per like they receive.
Reward all UGC, or review first.

Get returned spend

Consumers can spend rewards straight back with you. On premise, or online.

They get real currency. You get social currency

Turn followers, into influencers, into repeat customers.

From followers,
to influencer,
to consumer

Imagine a world where social networks drive more positivity, less negativity. Where all people are creators, and are rewarded. Where brands and consumers are fully connected. Where all loved brands can gain limitless reach.

Imagine a world where billions of marketing dollars do not flow into the few, but into the pockets of everyone, to reinvest back with those brands.

We are brandpay, and today, everyday, it’s payday.

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